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Reg Lang - Life/Work Coach Planning Coaching Learning
Reg Lang, Planner, Adult Educator, Life/Work Coach

Reg Lang is a professional planner, adult educator, and life/work coach. Through his firm, Reg Lang & Associates, he offers an array of services:

  • Life/Work Coaching: Reg’s central service, coaching, is a supportive one-to-one alliance aimed at advancing and forwarding the client’s agenda for change. As your coach Reg will help you clarify what’s important, achieve your objectives, make major transitions, and find greater balance and fulfillment in your life, both professionally and personally. Reg’s coaching targets a range of issues, each grounded in his own experience: personal and professional effectiveness of planners and allied professionals; work/life balance; significant life transitions such as retirement; and timely and successful completion of graduate students’ programs.

  • Planning: Reg facilitates strategic planning and change processes in organizations and communities. A key issue is how to enhance their adaptability and build capacity to cope with an increasingly complex world.

  • Personality Type: Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Reg can assist you or your group to identify personality preferences that shape and drive your behaviours. Knowing, accepting and appreciating these predispositions enables you to make constructive and contingent use of difference, at and outside work.
  • Learning: Reg will work with you to co-create a self-directed “learning plan” aimed at updating and advancing knowledge in whatever area you choose. He favours an inside-out approach, beginning where you’re at and developing your potential within a safe yet challenging learning environment.


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