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Evolution Group Inc. is a consulting firm that works with organizations and individuals to maximize performance, increase productivity and achieve positive, tangible results.

The Foundation of What We Do is Coaching

Coaching is an experiential process that develops individuals and teams through on-going, focused communication. In this process, participants jointly identify and develop strategies to reach performance goals.

Our primary aim is to help employees understand the key issues that hinder success, build on their strengths and give them the tools to implement solutions and improve performance.

We also work with managers to improve their own coaching skills so that they can effectively develop their own teams and individual staff.

We maximize individuals' and teams' performance through professional coaching. We work with our clients to build on their strengths and expertise. We model winning behaviour and help develop new approaches to achieve business goals.

To find out how coaching can build on your organization's strengths, contact Angela Hoyt, President.

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